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(This article is a re-post from Bangladesh First)

It’s all about what we get used to and later what we assume the standard to be. You never know which comes first, our assumption or our getting used to. Years ago, say in late 90s or early 2000s, we had an assumption about the standard time it takes to travel certain distances inside Dhaka city. Gradually that standard time has become longer. Now, amazingly, we don’t really get stunned or the it doesn’t occur to us that we are spending the time in Dhaka’s streets nearly twice than what it was a decade ago, until someone comes up and mentions it was half of the today’s a decade ago.

We probably are waiting for some confession from any government official over Dhaka’s unbelievable traffic, like the finance minister A.M.A Muhith did over regulating commodity prices and breaking up syndicate. He simply ended up saying his government has been unable to have control over it. Dhaka’s traffic is almost catastrophically growing higher, offering all annoyances to Dhakaite dwellers, passengers, drivers and traffic police personnel too. And who knows, any responsible government official may show up someday with a confession that all have been done to fix and it was failure which eventually has come.

Isn’t it the time to think something beyond of just getting annoyed or, just regretting or, even coming up with ridiculously short-lived plans?