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The recent attack on the young ruling party lawmaker Fazle Noor Taposh MP was not the first among deadly forays over politicians of Bangladesh. A common phrase in our country goes like, “where the murderers of Bangabandhu & Ziaur Rahman are never held, there will be no surprise if other high profile murders are let getaway.” Even after the unparallel massacre inside Bangladesh Riffles HQ at Pilkhana, Dhaka, many told that “the murderers here too will getaway and we won’t mind because we’ve seen trials on murders of Sheikh Mujib and Ziaur Rahman unsolved and it doesn’t matter whether we do mind or else”.

Confusions are being created that why the ministers are extensively making statements to relate the carnage with Bangabandhu assassination trial.

Nobody has anything to deny the fact that most of the legal fights for assassinations or attempts on high profile statesperson have not been properly conclusive just because the government at office has tried to politically utilize the issues, has ignored unhealthy diversion of investigation for sake of discomforting domestic political rivals. This is a tragic fact that’s applicable for almost all trials of the kind.

General population often gets annoyed at the common obsession that our politicians have of debating past sour issues. Here some sentences about past have been written just to amplify the fact that, may be a powerful bomb flew toward a member of the house all of a sudden shook the nation, but it won’t be a surprise if his legal fight too is found to have the same fate of being on pursuit of a zero.

Fazle Noor Taposh MP, although a very young lawmaker and is in quite an early stage of his expectedly brighter political future, has been put on the top of the current political focus by the attempt and it has rang to the minds of us that indeed Fazle Noor Taposh is stringed fervently to various high profile political concerns. He is,

  • a notable panel lawyer in the trial on Bangabandhu’s assassination,
  • a figure related to the controversy of government’s unpopular dialogue attempt with BDR mutineers at the late night of 25 February, 2009,
  • an anticipated select by Sheikh Hasina to fight the upcoming mayoral elections in Dhaka for Awami League,
  • and again a very close aide to Sheikh Hasina, almost the most trusted one having a political future brighter than almost anyone of his stage.

These are few positions we consider when we think about how Fazle Noor Taposh MP has been politically being since his appearance to acclaim.

Now let also have a serial of what the senior figures in the ruling party or the government have been saying over the matter.

Sahara Khatun Advocate Sahara Khatun, the Minister of Interior who already has seen the wrath of few AL leaders for possible security negligence, told Taposh attack is ‘linked’ to Mujib killer .

SYED-ASHRAFSyed Ashraful Islam, General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of LGRD & Cooperatives, told “the nation believes the killers of Bangabandhu, the extreme communal and anti-liberation forces were involved with the attack .

Mahbubey AlamBarrister Mahbubey Alam, the Attorney General and leader of a pro-AL lawyers’ group, told The attack on Taposh proves that those who do not want the trial of the murder of Bangabandhu are trying to become active.

Shafique AhmedBarrister Shafique Ahmed, the Minister of Law, told Taposh attack aimed to save Mujib’s killers

Dipu MoniDr. Dipu Moni, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, told The attack was made by those who don’t want progress in trial of Bangabandhu’s murder”.

I don’t understand that why these senior AL leaders and others are pushing the matter to be a concern of Bangabandhu assassination trial. I mean it can be a fact that those who don’t want the trial being conclusive orchestrated the attack. But this is just a possibility, a speculation; so are the others that attack on Taposh could be a knock-off attempt by his domestic political rivals.

One of several arrested people is Karmul Haque Shwapon, brother of Maj. Dalim, also a 5-years long neighbor of Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh MP. We expect the arrest to be a part of true investigation, not by a provocation of some minister’s supra-enthusiasm to relate the case with Bangabandhu’s trial. (Photo: BDNews24)

There has been a complaint made to police and they will investigate it, they will have to do it to dig for the truth. At this stage of investigation where nobody knows more than it was a bomb, the series of statements from AL leaders is just looking like a planned media manipulation where the immense influences are being made to manipulate public opinions. Questions may arise that how the ministers and the Attorney General are so confident that the attackers are linked to Bangabandhu’s assassins. Did the attackers tell them before bombing? Or did Bangabandhu’s assassins confirm that the new generation carnage will take place on Taposh?

This is highly concerning that why respective AL leaders and also the party’s Central Working Committee in absence of Sheikh Hasina is pressurizing the people to believe the attack having a link to Bangabandhu’s trial. What’s their source of confidence, what’s their source of information and finally what’s the motive of such premature statements? There are other grounds those have to be considered, why we have not heard a single person anywhere to talk about that?

Bangladeshi people have already learnt that they have a legal system that is not blind. This system can smell one’s political identity, can see the height of one’s political influence and finally can realize one’s power. The system drives itself in accordance with those feelings that a legal system is immensely malicious to have. Forgoing the attackers of a Member of Parliament won’t be a surprise because murderers of the Presidents and Prime Ministers in this country are let getaway.Facebook users click here.

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