What place the almighty will grant us to keep our faces so that nobody other than a Bangladeshi can see those. There were a lot of allegations. There were a lot of rumors of thousands of millions of dollars smuggled here and there. There were a lot of rumors of earning millions of taka out of electric posts made of local wood god knows how those could leave opportunities of earning this much amount. These were pushed to courts and judges at gunpoint or out of gunpoint nobody found any of them evident yet. Nobody in Bangladesh, or out of Bangladesh never saw materials or evidences of these allegations directly or indirectly or anyways. None of anything was seen by people. But what finally came to everybody’s eyes are tormented face of him, his broken vertebral column and different part of the body covered with clean bandages. The following short movie has been re-posted from blog of Jingo. The movie is named We Won’t Forgo The Inhuman Torture on Tareq Rahman, made by something called Jingo Interactives.