Emergency may be relaxed early Nov: Adviser
Tue, Oct 21st, 2008 6:19 pm BdST

Dhaka, Oct 21 (bdnews24.com)—The caretaker government may relax the state of emergency next month, to coincide with the arrival of a European Commission delegation, said an adviser Tuesday.

“The chief adviser has assured that the state of emergency will be relaxed to hold a free, fair and credible election,” foreign adviser Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury told reporters following a meeting with the EC mission head in Bangladesh at the foreign ministry.

A 10-member core assessment team of the EC will arrive on Nov 6 to study the pre-election political situation.

“The government may well make the announcement on relaxing the emergency during their stay,” Iftekhar said.

Said EC mission head Stefan Frowein after the meeting: “I have talked to the adviser on the polls observation mission. The information continues to be that there will be relaxation or lifting (of the state of emergency) as soon as possible and we will see some announcements from the government very soon.”

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May be we have discovered some superstitious potential in this present undemocratic-unelected 1/11 regime, that though they have suspended the democracy of a democratic state; though students and teachers have been beaten mercilessly, followed by their rage; though they are the crude stipulator of enforcing the state of emergency for an indefinite duration; though they are uncomfortable to proceed without such bold legal enforcement that reproaches the rights and freedom of people; though they have tried to legally establish factions of political parties who claimed their genuineness with forgery and surreal ambition; we are looking forward that this government is to present us an election after which all odds of the present political instability will be squared out.

Actually we should not go too far from some truths; those have come to our experiences in last twenty two and half months. Still this government is completely unwilling to lift the state of emergency. They have called for all parties to compete in election. Now all of the parties those have been founded before 1/11 coup d’état, have strongly stated that they are not going to take part in any election on earth, if the state of emergency is not lifted. Especially if we count the timeline of early October this year, all parties have come to an undeclared unity that no election under emergency. The European Union, which is allegedly one of the Western instigators of the 1/11 coup d’état, have made it very clear no election under emergency will get have accountability to them. After all of these ‘to the point’ declarations of abandoning an election under emergency at a row, Hossain Zillur Rahman the unofficial spokesperson of this military backed undemocratic government, have said that they will relax the state of emergency. So it’s definitely your decision, do we still have any reason to convince ourselves that this government is keen to carry out a free and fair election? Do we still have any reason to alight from the belief that the result of the election has been fixed?

Previously I have written several posts (this, this, this etc.) where facts were compiled and conclusively it was clear that there were no reasons to get sure about a free and fair election is going to be held by the end of this year. And we are so unfortunate that still we are to finish posts with the sentences those we used during the crude exposure period of this regime’s political ill-motives.

There are many points still glistening, those urge us that the present government is not interested to carry out an election that will free and fair. And the people of Bangladesh and her politicians have to realize this more than UNDP, EU and those meddling high-commissioners.