October 16, 2008.

In the middle of outnumbered political reforms propositions, the issue which should be considered as one of the vitals, the issue of student politics, is not getting the status of ‘outspoken’ yet. There are many questions and confusion created around this issue. And the most disappointing proposal over student politics issue have come from a community or cult in Bangladesh, recognized as ‘Shushil Shomaj’. There have been several chats in the civil society meetings or seminars, where speakers proposed to ban the student politics in Bangladesh. Banning the student politics!!! More than ousting democracy, more than jailing party leaders, more than aiding 29th October type coup d’états, the most suicidal move for the politics, political future and the overall system of Bangladesh, will be the this if anybody even thinks about banning, barring, ending the student politics.

Ban over the student politics will be a solution like ejecting eyes in order to cure an optical disease.

This sort of procedure I believe the present regime feels most comfortable to apply; something like, suspending democracy as politics have gone wrong, jailing politicians arbitrarily as some of them have gone violent, in order to save the nation you know. But a cordial ‘thank you’ to the almighty and may be to the present regime kingpins, that they haven’t thought of anything like banning student politics by law yet. But the sense, or the thought which have helped them best to create their initial moral ground, I feel is most keen to look forward for a law that’ll ban student politics. The issue which I have discussed here, is, the craze of power of our politicians, completely imprudent ‘getting to power’ policies of the parties and exploitation of the situation of some apolitical individuals (from inside or abroad), have given birth of the present government. And, the role of the politicians here have been most vital, which has encouraged Bangladeshi people to call the politics in ‘dirty’ and staying out of it, rather than getting into it and cleansing it. And from this of the attitudes of seeing the politics as a nun looks at a whore, many of our educated countrymen think that banning student politics must be a prerequisite of peace.

But banning student politics will be a prelude of many of our political disasters. The present government has not yet acted to ban the student politics, but they thing they feel very glad to ask is, people should bring honest and patriot politicians from the society. This is definitely a complete depthless opinion, only expected from people less interested to take up responsibilities.

The history of Bangladesh shows us patterns of politics to evolve where many of the most loved politicians have had their ‘entity of politician’ to be born in universities and colleges, places those are considered to be the conscience of the whole nation. No other part of the society thinks and acts in the way that the students of a country do. There are many problems identified and many questions asked only by the student society of a nation. Today in Bangladesh we can talk about sidelining the culture of student politics, because we have become so reticent to recall our past and history where we have many of our political crisis pursued, dealt and replied progressively by the society of students. It’s the society of students which is able to react and to send tremendously effective pulses to all and all sectors of the system immediately after discovering stressful glimpse of commons. Now, some apolitical individuals whose courage of ignoring the national interest is the result of our indefinite reticence and our imprudent politics, are to attempt to bar this society from getting concerned about our national affairs.

Is it thought for a single time that how a student society we will be building by banning it from politics? At our universities and colleges, a student society will be under construction where students will be taught to build themselves as self-centred, short-sighted and immensely preoccupied with own interests with a complete unawareness of his way to play the role for the nation, for the country. Now we, the people are to consider that whether this will get us to better things or not.

It’s an open secret that what nowadays student leader have been doing. It’s completely known to all that being a student leader nowadays is almost the way to get the opportunity to exploit their entity of a to be politician, as well as most of the student leaders are somehow shacked up with their lobbying efforts, grabbing illegitimate financial gains being in as medium between their fellow party leaders and others. In bigger institutions, residential seats are another issue of trade and showing down the influence. Now I can go down to the bottom of this blog page if I start a sincere presentation of negative things about our student politics. There are a lot of things to get soar about student politics, and there are a lot of reasons for the guardians to stay cautious about their children, to be least interested to see them to go to student politics.

But banning the student politics is not a solution to these after all. It’s not acceptable that at one side we will be shouting, “There should be no goons in politics”, and on the other hand it will be ourselves shouting, “Students politics should be banned”. If the student politics is banned, there will be definitely a political vacuum, which will excite our so called ‘goons’ to come forward and fill that up. And such a proposition of an attitude completely apolitical or politically imprudent, is clearly self-contradictory. If somebody is so concerned about the present condition of student politics, he or she must ask for a massive reform of the whole student politics, but the banning of it is no solution, rather clearly suicidal for a country like Bangladesh.