October 8, 2008.

What can be a more spiteful decision to delude the activists and supporters? At the surprise of all of us, Bangladesh Awami League, one of the two biggest political parties of Bangladesh, has consented to contest the upcoming election amid the state of emergency. After a meeting where almost all the standing committee members sat together at the residence of acting President Zillur Rahman, the acting General Secretary of the party Syed Ashraful Islam said, there are few terms of the state of emergency which are logically enforceable to ensure the security of the voters and a tranquil polling atmosphere. This ridiculous statement from the party spokesman definitely has given birth of a lot of delusions among the party activists and supporters. According to New Age editor Nurul Kabir,

BNP or Awami League, any of them or both of them, if comes to agreement of having the national poll under the state of emergency, this will be a clear indication that none of them are believers of freedom of people and human rights, rather what their philosophy is just being imprudently desperate for the power, at any cost and at any situation, throwing away the national interest and the sake of human rights.

Nurul Kabir added,

The people of Bangladesh must keep it in their consciousness that, whoever comes to agreement to have the polls amid emergency rules, have never ever thought about bailing them out of the present political deadlock, rather has done such a thing for their greed of power, which they feel right to achieve anyways.

We heard the Chief Adviser to say that the state of emergency will be lifted if necessary. But weeks later it has come clear that the present undemocratic and unelected 1/11 regime has no will to see Bangladeshi people with all of their freedom and rights to be in the polling centers. People must ask the politicians that what conditions they’ve been pushed through which earned Hossain Zillur Rahman the courage of hailing the state of emergency with the lamest excuse of ‘public security’. Who on this earth have ever heard of enforcing the state of emergency only for preserving the purity of polls and security of voters?

Look at the incidents carefully. At the afternoon, four advisers Hossain Zillur Rahman, Gen. Golam Quader, Anwarul Iqbal and Bar. Hassan Arif sat together at the office of Gen. Golam Quader. After this Hossain Zillur briefed the press that the regime is adamant about holding the polls amid the state of emergency. Hours later Awami League leaders arranged an executive meeting at the dining table of Zillur Rahman’s residence, where Tofayel Ahmed was seen so excited that many thought he discovered errors at all the Isaac Newton formulas. But after that meeting the spokesman Syed Ashraful briefed the press where he said that some terms of the state of emergency should be considerably enforced to ensure the security of voters. Tofayel Ahmed neither made it prove Isaac Newton wrong, nor broke the lame excuses of the regime, rather encouraged a version of his party which almost chorused the government. All of these followers of ‘Cult Emergency’ have come out hailing the ‘election amid state of emergency’ in this single very day.

Now let be a little bit hypothetical. What’s gonna happen next? This is great opportunity for the government to throw a party that they made it to have one of the big two’s under agreement for a viciously undemocratic behavior. Now with the help of propaganda tools such as Prothom Alo and Daily Star, it will be made obvious that there is no alternative of state of emergency for a free and fair election. At this situation, if BNP or other parties take side against the election under state of emergency, this will turn them to be ‘less sincere for election’, there will be long reports in newspapers that how BNP is not going to let the next election be credible. Then this will be a pressure for all the parties not agreeing with election amid state of emergency, they will be left with no options to maintain the faith of people of being a party towards election, without consenting the election amid emergency rules. And at that moment, the most undemocratic and unlawful concept like ‘an election amid state of emergency’ will be the weapon of biasing the political situation of Bangladesh.

Today Nurul Kabir stated that BNP should have emphasised the ‘state of emergency’ issue stronger than that of RPO amendment. It’s not only a suggestion rather I consider this to be an alarm or warning for both BNP and Awami League, that they are not expected to come at agreement of let the election be held amid state of emergency. Today the version of Awami League is the one I don’t consider to be final because I believe the situation to be changed after Sheikh Hasina will join the scene. State of emergency is the situation which never ever reflects the characteristics of human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of people and rights of all. And no political party will be considered to have honesty and sincerity if they even think about come to agreement of being in election amid state of emergency. This is definitely considered by both Begum Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina. The 2001 election has been one of the most credible elections on Bangladesh’s soil that was only guarded by Bangladesh Army; there was no state of emergency and no nothing. The military has already been credited for a credible election, their presence has guarded the election from most of the expected anarchies, then why they need the backup of a so bold legal enforcement like state of emergency? Why they can’t guard another one without the help of state of emergency?